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Facial beauty and skin rejuvenation!
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BDR Facials

BDR products and technology from Germany are specialized in treatments that will immediately and permanently provide beautiful skin.

Our spa uses their Basic Compact System that features a variety of applications such as the Profipeel dermabrasion handpiece, designed for smoothing the skin with a gentle peel. The highly effective XL and XS handpieces for microneedling, and the FAN handpiece to soothe and cool the skin during the acid treatment. BDR blue calming light known as the LED therapy, which provides light-emitting diodes for an antibacterial and inflammation-inhibiting effect. We also have an Energy Mineral Stone Therapy for massaging the skin while simultaneously healing, detoxifing, and lifting the face and body.

Treatments are tailored for your specific skin needs. Whether it’s for acne, hyper-pigmentation, anti-aging, detoxifying, or other concerns, BDR facials WILL improve your skin!

What’s Included in Treatments:

1) Peel + Dermabrasion – using our Profipeel dermabrasion handpiece, the rotating discs in the brush will enhance the skin’s surface by
gently peeling and removing dead skin cells effectively and absolutely injury free.
2) Microneedles + Serum – using our Stimulation XL/XS handpieces, this micro-needling treatment has the following benefits:
    • Regeneration of the skin by improving cell division
    • Stimulation of collagen and elastin production
    • Stimulation of microcirculation through mechanical stimulation of the skin receptors
    • Reactivation of all skin functions
    • Stimulation of skin’s own repair system
    • Reduces wrinkles and improves the appearance of scars
3) Facial Massage + LED – a lymphatic drainage and circulation massage for detoxifying and toning the skin along with the LED light energy stimulating oxygenation and cell renewal.
*The Energy Mineral Stone Therapy can be added to any treatment*
This mineral stone is a patented blend of 8 natural minerals which emit far infrared rays and anion mass to activator and enhance rapid lifting and brightening. While implementing a soothing massage technique, this therapy is proven to reverse aging and damaged skin, such as wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, and scars.


We strongly recommend a consultation with our aesthetician to assess your skin type and determine which treatment would be best for you. Consultation fee is $30.
30-45 Minutes Treatments
  • Fresh and Glow – instant visible effects for a brighter and more even skin tone. = $75
  • Detox and Relax – perfect to get rid of toxins and and release tension for a more vital complexion. = $75
  • Deep Power Cleanse – ideal for improving dull, grey skin and improves product absorption. = $75
  • Express Lifting Treatment – instant way to plump up the skin for a younger complexion. = $90

40-60 Minutes Treatments 

  • Acne – special treatment for clients for oily, greasy skin, as well as skin that tends to have acne. = $90
  • Clear and Fresh Corrective Treatment – restorative treatment for oily, blemished, and problem proned skin. = $135
  • Basic and Sensitive Derma Treatment – suitable for delicate, irritable, stressed and allergy proned skin. = $135
  • Anti Wrinkle Treatment – improvement of skin quality and visible rejuvenation. = $135

*More to come soon!